Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (6)

Here’s the end bit of chapter 5 that I missed earlier because of not having the game on hand, plus chapter 0. Possibly the most cryptic parts in the entire game and will likely make very little sense alone…

Before that: here is a screencap of them saying their goodbyes ughhh they’re so sweet I can’t stand it.


After Nanami and Monomi were executed.

The next morning after waking up, something buggy happens and Hinata dashes out of his room. The first person he sees outside: Nanami. She talks as if nothing happened, and Hinata acts as if this is perfectly normal - it seems like the laptop that Komaeda used had another video message on it that was locked until after the trial was over. Everyone’s at the restaurant, so Hinata should go there and see what it’s about. Then right after that, she just disappears. No one’s around.

At the restaurant, Hinata meets the remaining students. Sonia was the one who brought the laptop back - she found it while on a walk with Tanaka (and his hamsters). Souda complains about this for a moment before everyone starts watching the video message.

Komaeda starts by wondering who’s watching the message - the traitor, or the surviving students? If the traitor’s watching, then he’s achieved what he’s set out to do; if the students are watching, then he failed. Not that it matters to him since he’s out of the game now. He doesn’t know who he’s addressing, so he’ll talk to either. He mentions that there was something important in the file that he received from Monokuma. He figured that it would cause trouble if the students were to see it, so he destroyed it. And he talks about it…but it comes out all glitchy, so no one understands (they don’t seem to notice it, however). In the meantime, dead students carry on the conversation.


Cap of one of the glitches…the messages look almost readable but aren’t. They look fairly funny as well.


Finally, he gives the password that was scratched away from the stone in Mouse Castle - “11037”. And says that if he should successfully rid the island of despair, let him be called SHSL Hope. (Naturally everyone thinks he’s crazy but that’s not new.)

Nanami suggests everyone hurry to the ruins before the timer at Jabberwock Island runs out. Which they do. The world itself is becoming strange. Dead students keep joining in the conversation as if nothing happened (the screen gives a graphical glitch every time they appear), and no one seems to find it strange. No one is finding anything strange even though EVERYTHING IS WEIRD.


After entering the password into the door at the ruins, everyone heads in to see a court. At this point, it seems like all the dead students disappear - Sonia wonders where everyone’s gone. Then the timer hits zero and the contraption goes off. The world falls to pieces.


This marks the actual end of chapter 5. Sorry I missed it out previously, I thought this part was the beginning of 6.


The next chapter is not in fact chapter 6, but chapter 0. It’s extremely cryptic at this point in time (given no spoilers), but becomes relevant later. Since it’s fairly short, I’ll translate the entire thing (plus idk how to summarize it really). Liberties with punctuation and phrasing ok


Chapter 0: Something like the inside of a vehicle headed for a field trip

???: (It isn’t so much swaying as…)
???: (…rocking heavily.)
???: (The room that I’m in is rocking in itself.)
???: (The rocking is extremely unpredictable - when I think it’s going to continue shaking gently…)
???: (Suddenly, sometimes it becomes much stronger.)
???: (When that happens I have to use my feet to hold myself up, so I can’t even go to sleep.)
???: (However, it feels good.)
???: (I’d been excited over the the thought that “unpredictability” could be such an enjoyable thing.)
???: (But, I’ll probably get sick of even that anyway…)
???: (Or so I think.)
???: (Surely it’ll be that way for me…for me, beloved by talent…)
???: (It probably won’t be so hard to find the pattern in just about this level of unpredictability.)
???: (Ah, how boring.)


Komaeda Nagito: Do you…like boats…?
???: (From the opposite corner of the faintly dark room, I heard such a voice.)
???: (It was obviously directed towards me.)
Komaeda Nagito: Aha, you seemed to be enjoying it, so that’s what I thought…
Komaeda Nagito: Hey, you like boats, don’t you?
???: (…Boats?)
???: Ah, right, right…that’s right. This is a boat.
Komaeda Nagito: Ahah…what are you saying, all of a sudden?
???: …is it so strange you must laugh?
Komaeda Nagito: …………..
Komaeda Nagito: Hey, if it’s alright can we talk? I’m kind of sick of the silence.
???: (I saw through his true personality in an instant.)
???: (He has a friendly attitude and a smile that gives off a good impression…)
???: (However, under that thin skin, he’s filled with a rotten stink.)
???: (Of course, this is in terms of the feeling he gives.)
???: (What’s it called…it’s the sort of stink that finished people have.)
Komaeda Nagito: Nice to meet you…I’m Komaeda Nagito.
Komaeda Nagito: That said…I lucked out.
Komaeda Nagito: It’s been a long time since anyone was last willing to have a conversation with me. To have someone like that in the same room…
Komaeda Nagito: Yup, I lucked out!
???: …lucked out?
???: Ah, is that your talent?
???: …such a boring talent.
Komaeda Nagito: What, boring? …well, that’s true…
Komaeda Nagito: But, to have someone tell me that on the first meeting…
???: That’s because I also have “luck”.
Komaeda Nagito: …Eh?
???: If we’re talking about a boring talent of the likes of “luck”, I have it.
Komaeda Nagito: Y-, you have it…
Komaeda Nagito: Hey, who are you! I’m getting really interested in you now!
Komaeda Nagito: You’re someone from Kibougamine, right? So, are you one of us?
Komaeda Nagito: Ah, but that’s weird…this is the first time I’ve seen you…?
???: ……………..
Komaeda Nagito: Hey, tell me. Why are you in this kind of place?
Komaeda Nagito: What made you that way?
???: ……………..
???: How boring.
Komaeda Nagito: Ah, sorry…people do tell me I’m bad at talking…
???: That’s not what I’m talking about…
???: …I’m talking about this world.
Komaeda Nagito: Huh…?
???: It’s filled with boring people.
???: Talentless people form factions, and hunt down talented people…
???: Even though they know they’re worthless, they don’t even try to recognize the existence of people better than them…
???: And then, they spend all their effort dragging people better than them down…
???: Because of these organizations that don’t generate any profits or losses, this world has driven itself into a corner.
???: The world isn’t allowing its own evolution.
???: …Ah, how boring.
Komaeda Nagito: Well, that’s because the world usually goes by the majority vote…it can’t be helped that the world revolves around talentless people.
Komaeda Nagito: The truth is, we became like this because of that…
Komaeda Nagito: Ah, could it be…does that have anything to do with why you’re here?
???: ……………….
???: Boring people can’t leave anything behind in the world…not even a tiny bit…
???: So…some level of culling needs to be done. That’s what I was taught.
Komaeda Nagito: It seems like you had a lot expected of you. So different from me.
Komaeda Nagito: …What are you going to do from now on though? Since things are now like this, there’s not much else you can do, right?
???: Hey you know, using people is also considered a talent.
???: This time, it’s my turn to use “that person” who once used me before.
Komaeda Nagito: That person…
Komaeda Nagito: Do you mean “Super High School Level Despair”!?
Komaeda Nagito: How are you going to do that, though? Because, that person is already…
???: …I have it.
???: I have something she left…even now…under my breast…
Komaeda Nagito: Y-, you have it…? I don’t really get it but…
Komaeda Nagito: Ahahah! I really lucked out! To be able to talk to someone as amazing as you!


Komaeda Nagito: So…will we be able to meet again?
Komaeda Nagito: Will I be able to meet her that I hate so much?
Komaeda Nagito: And then this time…
Komaeda Nagito: This time, will I be able to kill her that I hate so much?
???: ………….
???: Hate so much…?
???: If so…what’s with that hand?
Komaeda Nagito: Ah…this…?
???: Where it’s bandaged…
???: …that’s a woman’s hand, isn’t it?
Komaeda Nagito: Ahah.
Komaeda Nagito: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
Komaeda Nagito: …Isn’t it amazing?
Komaeda Nagito: Of course, it doesn’t move. It’s not my hand!
Komaeda Nagito: But…even now, it doesn’t rot…
Komaeda Nagito: Hey, this means it’s become one with me, right?
Komaeda Nagito: Isn’t it amazing? I successfully absorbed my greatest enemy, “SHSL Despair”!
???: Hm, you harvested it from her corpse…what a boring thing to do.
Komaeda Nagito: Ah, don’t get me wrong.
Komaeda Nagito: Ultimately, I see her as an enemy.
Komaeda Nagito: Because she’s my greatest enemy…because I hate her…
Komaeda Nagito: I’ll take in her power. For the sake of that…
Komaeda Nagito: …er, what?
Komaeda Nagito: I hate her…don’t I? What’s this…it’s weird…
Komaeda Nagito: Huh?
Komaeda Nagito: Huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh huh?
???: ………………..
Komaeda Nagito: Ah, look out the window. It seems like we’re finally here!


Komaeda Nagito: Hey, you can see it now, right?
Komaeda Nagito: Those are the Jabberwock Islands, right?
Komaeda Nagito: What’s going to happen there, from now on? Aren’t you getting excited?
???: …What’s going to happen?
???: I can already guess at that sort of thing.
Komaeda Nagito: Eh?
???: For me, beloved by talent, that sort of thing is predictable.
???: However…whatever happens, I won’t have anything to do with it.
???: Whichever way it is…I’m not going to be able to enter this event.
Komaeda Nagito: Huh? Is that so…?
Komaeda Nagito: I don’t get it, but…
Komaeda Nagito: This means we’re parting ways here, right? It’s such a pity…we’d been getting along so well.
Komaeda Nagito: …Hey, will I be able to meet you again?
???: There’s no point in meeting.
???: Because…you’re boring…
???: Your talent, your thoughts, everything about you is boring to me…
Komaeda Nagito: ………………..
Komaeda Nagito: …How cold.

Thus ends the really cryptic chapter 0. Chapter 6 is on its wayyy

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